Call For Poets : December 2012 , Vol. 7


The MAZ team has a few spots open for poets in the December 2012 issue. Poems should be no more that 24 lines and contain wintry overtures. . To submit please email your name, poem, and return contact info to .


October issue is now live!

In the October 2012 issue of MAZ we will take a look at artwork inspired by magic. By showcasing everything from a tarot deck inspired by tea, to high-fire ceramic tiles, to figurative paintings that allude to the divine feminine in every woman, we beg the question of the very nature of magic. In doing so, the MAZ team would like to put forth for your consideration, that true magic is the ongoing hope that makes each and every day worth living.

Join us as we go on a quest for truth and beauty and explore the bold fragility of human magic, hopes, and dreams.


MAZ Shares Open Source Secrets

We at the MAZ team have been getting a lot of questions about what software MAZ is using lately. This is due to more and more artists wanting to self publish, do their own portfolios, edit their own photos… you get the idea.

So here is the deal. The MAZ

 team is huge fans of open source everything. In other words we support small mod companies that have taken the time to create programs that do not cost big bucks and still get the job done right. Here are some totally free programs that work as alternatives to very expensive programs, have youtube videos for help, and are MAZ tested and approved. They are listed by the program you need / want!

Microsoft word / Excel / Powerpoint

If you need a basic microsoft office without the microsoft price gouge try kingsoft office suite. Does everything the basic microsoft suite does. Here is a safe link where you can download it.


If you need and know photoshop download gimpshop. It is free, looks the most like photoshop, and has countless you tube help tutorials. Even if you have never seen photoshop you should probably use this program so if you ever encounter photoshop you will have some idea of what you are doing.


This is the motherlode! This is the program for creating books, novels, magazines posters, flyers, etc. if you need InDesign functions but do not have a few hundred bucks to toss try Scribus. It is totally free and acts a lot like InDesign. (They moved a few functions around but you can learn FAST!) MAZ ♥ ♥ ♥ scribus!