Meet the MAZ team

Ateldoora Nightmoon-Barnum, Co-Director

Ateldoora Nightmoon-Barnum has been an artist her entire life and is best known for her works as a sculptor and independent publisher. She is best known for her line of counter culture porcelain dolls, post modern Venetian masks and her runaway co-publication MUSE ARTS Zine.
Ateldoora’s works have been featured in numerous galleries including the Helen Smith Gallery, The Aria Gallery, Seattle’s historic OK Hotel, and many more.
Ateldoora considers MAZ to be the highlight of her career thus far for the way it has restored her passion as an artist and helped her network with other artists. She lives in Federal Way Washington with her husband and two beautiful children. She is working on MAZ full time.
 Chani Durkin, Co-Director
Chani Durkin is a recent transplant artist in the Puget Sound area, having finally decided to chase her dreams and move away from Spokane, Wa. But you won’t be seeing her work on any gallery walls in the future, as a self taught artist she has taken the steps to avoid the “conventional” art scene at every turn. In her own words:
“For me, being creative isn’t about making a name for myself or selling my work, it’s about the love of creating… It’s about making people feel, when they look at my work. I don’t really care what they feel, as long as they feel something.”
Her aspiration as part of the MAZ team is to inspire creativity in every way imaginable, and help artists be seen and heard.
   Senrie Brizaefein, Lead Photographer
Senrie Brizaefein, Seattle born photographer and painter, has taken MAZ by storm since the day she walked into our office. Despite never having had a professional showing, her works have become a corner stone in MAZ, popular on DeviantArt,  and have had runaway success as photo cards selling largely by word of mouth. She is
responsible for the photo of the “muse relief” that graces the MAZ table of contents and shot many of the photos in MAZ (Including several artist photos).
Senrie’s artwork is proof that passion and dedication can overcome any obstacle. Since joining MAZ only two months ago she has shot over 100 images for MAZ, been featured as a MAZ artist, and launched her online store “Senrie’s Corner”. When asked what her next project would be she merely blushed and said replied that she “Would just take things one day at a time.” One thing is for certain, for Senrie, the future is wide open.

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